The Logo

di-teyl, dei ' teyl, de-tail, di'teIl, and are all phonetic descriptions of the word detail.

These are details which if you understand them allow you to precisely pronounce the word they describe. On the other hand without that tiny snippet of knowledge you are left with just symbols.

When detail solutions was established in 2006 the aim was to provide that detailed knowledge that leads to to true understanding but is so often obscured by the ever changing world of technology and the jargon that goes with it.

In search of a name and a logo one naturally considers what are the organisations core competencies. One of our core competencies is High Definition television, a subject filled with new jargon, confusing numbers and misinformation. But if one had to say what is HD all about, in one word, it's the detail, in the image in this case.

Therefore the name and the logo. By the way if you are looking at it closely, it is far from perfect. Why? because in getting to the page it went from a .TTF to a .BMP to a .JPG..... just a few a details but in a multi-format world we need to know.